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We provide Sexual and Gender Minorities Living with HIV (SGMLHIV) greater empowerment through capacity building, digital skills, civic participation, and receiving social support and information. We also organise awareness campaigns on climate change and HIV to provide education on sustainable living practices, mental health support, and economic empowerment enabling young (SGMLHIV) living with HIV to connect and share experiences. Additionally, we link (SGM) living with HIV and at-risk persons to healthcare providers and community organizations with knowledge and expertise to reduce transmission, drug adherence, and retention and improve quality of life. Furthermore, we sensitize and educate the community on HIV advancement regarding treatment, care, and support.

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Conducting advocacy for the health and human rights needs of (SGMLHIV) in Nigeria and providing appropriate services where

In-cooperating and partnering with NGOs who provide HIV Healthcare services to organize digital virtual, online, and physical support systems in other to reach a lot of (SGMLHIV) persons living with HIV with support groups, retention, adherence, health talks, and

TPLPI conducts SHRH awareness, campaigns, workshops, and service delivery for (SGMLHIV) through various mediums, which include digital space and linkages to existing healthcare

Working with NGOs and service providers to provide Mental Health services, conduct mental health talks and matters, referrals, and an available hotline to access mental health-related services via phone calls, virtual appointments, digital conversation, and chat with experts in related

Working with NGOs and service providers to provide Human Rights services and publications for (SGMLHIV) to help build capacity and provide a measure to take if the needs

TPLPI conducts community research to help produce evidence-based result research and partner with existing NGOs to help conduct research on basic needs and highlight new challenges of(SGMLHIV)

TPLPI provide an empowerments program and safe space for (SGMLHIV) and levering existing NGO platforms to empower (SGMLHIV); less educationally qualified, physically challenged persons in building income/resources to sustain their livelihood, online and physical leadership skills for (SGMLHIV) willing to assume leadership roles in the 

TPLPI provides capacity building and mentorship programs. We also create referrals to members who need the skill to individuals, institutions, and NGOs that offer such 

Part of TPLPI’s priority is to promote (SGMLHIV) through media and publication to create visibility through storytelling, articles, magazine, vlog, blogs, podcasting, and online shows

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