Our Community

TPLPI is a vibrant and diverse community that celebrates the power of unity and inclusivity. Here, we stand strong together, representing young people living with HIV, the LGBTQI community, sex workers, and people who use and inject drugs. What sets us apart is our team, which is made up of the very communities we serve. With passion, empathy, and shared experiences, we drive change from within, advocating for our rights, championing equality, and breaking down barriers. Our voices echo as one, as we pave the way for a brighter future, where love, acceptance, and support flourish for all.


The young PLHIV community faces the challenges of stigma, discrimination, and limited access to healthcare and support. We stand with them, providing a safe space to share experiences, offering counseling, and empowering them with essential life skills. Through awareness campaigns, we break down barriers, ensuring they receive proper medical care and lead fulfilling lives.


The LGBTQI community battles discrimination, homophobia, and transphobia, causing emotional distress and barriers to acceptance. We advocate for their rights, challenge discriminatory practices, and create an inclusive environment. With support groups, workshops, and legal assistance, we empower LGBTQI individuals to live authentically and proudly.


SWLHIV endures double marginalization, facing stigma from society and barriers in accessing healthcare and legal protection. We stand by them, offering non-judgmental support, health services, and capacity-building opportunities. Our advocacy strives to eliminate the stigma and violence they face, ensuring they receive the care and dignity they deserve.


PWUIDLHIV confront stigma, social isolation, and lack of access to harm reduction and healthcare services. Our team provides harm reduction education, clean syringe programs, and support to address their health and social needs. We advocate for their rights, aiming to reduce discrimination and promote a healthy, drug-free life.


AYSGM grapples with identity acceptance, bullying, and limited access to LGBTQI-inclusive services. We offer safe spaces, mentorship, and educational resources, empowering them to embrace their identities confidently. Through advocacy and collaborations, we create a society that celebrates and respects their diversity, ensuring their well-being and future success.

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